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Spent 30 minutes last week with our good friends at Standard-H, an automotive and surf-inspired apparel line based in Encinitas, California.  

Check them out and sleep better knowing what color my first car was!

Timothy Hogan and his Westfalia

30 MINUTES WITH... Timothy Hogan

Name: Timothy Hogan

Age: 39

Occupation: Artist, Photographer, Furniture Builder, Craftsman, Hasselblad Ambassador

From: Ellington, Connecticut. Currently lives in Santa Monica, California

First Car: 1982 Toyota Cressida in "shit brown"

Vehicle Featured: 1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia 2.1 liter Flat 4-cylinder, 4-Speed, 90hp. Added: Fox off-road suspension, 1.5" liftLarger brakes up front, General Grabber Tires. South African wheels.

Vehicle History: I wanted to move to CA and become a complete cliche. (jk!) This place is really inspiring and I wanted to get out and travel in something with character.

Additional Details...The tires: I had similar ones on a Toyota 4 Runner I had prior to my Vanagon.  They're softer, quieter, better-rated for snow, and less expensive than All Terrains.

Hasselblad Ambassador Timothy Hogan


Thanks for the visit Wes and looking forward to seeing your next release!

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